Order Confirmations

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Order Confirmations

This free module allows you to create order confirmations for your customers. Have they placed an order or have they accepted your proposal? With BestInvoicing you can easily create an order confirmation and send it to the customer. Order confirmations can be created manually, but can also be copied from an existing price offer in order to keep the input work to an absolute minimum.

Convenient workflow

The order confirmations module fits perfectly into the workflow of your company. You can create an order confirmation from a price proposal in just two clicks. Order confirmation ready? Send it via email and copy it to the final invoice in just another two clicks! All dates, serial numbers, ... are automatically adjusted correctly. Time to work more efficiently with BestInvoicing!

Order Confirmations and Stock Management

BestInvoicing differs between virtual and actual stock. Virtual stock refers to the stock count based on order confirmations. In this count, BestInvoicing does not only take into account what had already been invoiced or delivered, but also what has already been ordered by customers. If customers were to order more than what's actually in stock you will be notified immedtiately by the set stock warnings. 

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