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Quick and Easy

The automatic addition of customer and product data combined with our automatic dating, numbering and VAT calculation ensures you're creating invoices faster than ever. Use subtitles or mention an order reference. A PDF document is generated automatically, based on your corporate identity. It can easily be printed or sent to the customer by email, all from within the BestInvoicing program.

Automated Payment Follow-Up

BestInvoicing allows you to track payments manually or process them automatically. You'll save a lot of time with automated payment follow-up. Still no payment received? Quickly create a payment reminder and email it to your customer - all from within our program.

In order to avoid late payments, you can send your customer an online pay button. Invoices can securely be paid online through our partner Mollie. Customers can choose to pay by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, ... If you're making use of this feature, incoming payments are automatically processed and linked to the relevant invoice.

Automatic Reminders

Automate the follow-up of unpaid invoices by automatically sending payment reminders. Not only does this save time, but it will also help you to work more consistently. These reminders are always sent according to the terms you have stated. 

Send with Ease

BestInvoicing offers several send options. Through our print & post service, you can have your invoices print, stamped and sent by regular mail. Via the PEPPOL network you send them completely digitally. Straightforward sending via email can be done directly from BestInvoicing. 

The email address found in the customer file is automatically added; you'll only need to adjust the default text of the email message. BestInvoicing has a setting to send documents from your own emailaddress, to ensure professionalism.

Wide Range of Reports

Gain insight into your weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual sales and profit. Who are your top customers and which products do you sell the most? Over 30 reports are available to help you better understand your business figures. Handy graphs provide a visual representation of your data.

Other Currencies

In BestInvoicing, invoicing in other currencies is super easy. Simply select the appropriate currency for your customer: BestInvoicing displays the current exchange rate and takes care of the conversion. 


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