Stock Management

Don’t Be Faced with Shortages in Supply

Stock Management

Do you want to track how many products you still have in stock? Just activate the free stock management module and monitor your stock closely. You can set a warning limit so that when the number of products in stock falls below this limit, you'll be notified. You can instantly get an overview of your products' stock data in the product overview dashboard. Want to update stock, or distribute stock data in your company? Simply export and print/send a stock list in Excel from BestInvoicing.

Virtual Stock

If you also use the order confirmation module, you can consult the so-called virtual stock. This represents the number of items that are still available in stock, minus the number of items that have already been ordered. This way you won't risk selling more than what's actually in stock. You'll be able to place an order with your supplier before running out of goods.

Complex Products

By activating the 'complex products' module, BestInvoicing can easily manage stock of composite product bundles. Do you sell a profitable priced complex product comprised of ten single items with an adjusted price, or a box of wine containing six single bottles? All individual items in this complex product will be counted in your sale and stock management.

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