Delivery Notes

A Document to Accompany Your Products

Delivery Notes

Creating delivery notes is super easy with this free module. You create a delivery note just like you would create an invoice. The connected document history makes it easy to follow up (order, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice, ...). A delivery note can easily be printed or sent via email. BestInvoicing offers the option to let customers digitally sign the delivery note from e.g. a tablet. 

Display an alternative address for delivery or specific delivery date? That's also possible with BestInvoicing. You determine wheter you want to show or hide e.g. product prices on delivery notes. 

Convenient Workflow

You can create a delivery note from an order confirmation or a proposal. When the delivery has been made, you can easily convert the document to an invoice. Do you want to invoice multiple delivery notes to the same customer with just one document? No problem! Select the desired delivery notes and combine them in one summarizing invoice. 

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