Privacy Agreement (GDPR)

BestInvoicing is a web application where a lot of sensitive data is stored. Below you will find more information about how this data is stored and what happens with it.

  1. All BestInvoicing websites work with cookies, which means that small pieces of information are stored on your computer. This is three sessions for statistical data by Google Analytics (_ga, _gat and _gad) and a session ID for logging in (PHPSESSID). When the BestInvoicing program is used, a second session ID (session_key) is stored in the local storate or in a cookie.
  2. BestInvoicing uses the facebook pixel and accompanying cookies to track website visitors and analyze promotional campaigns.
  3. All visitors to the BestInvoicing websites are anonymously included in the usage statistics via Google Analytics
  4. The connection between your computer and the BestInvoicing servers is secured by a 256bit encryption certificate issued by Amazon.
  5. Your data that you enter in BestInvoicing is always protected with your account name and password. Your password is stored securely under encryption. Under no circumstances will anyone be able to view your saved password.
  6. Our databases are hosted by Amazon Web Services. The physical servers for this are in Ireland. Amazon does not have access to the actual data on these servers.
  7. BestInvoicing will never view your entered data without explicit permission. This permission is essential in some cases to solve specific problems. You can activate this access via the settings of your account.
  8. Users are responsible for securing their account by means of a strong password and two factor authentication. Tools to choose strong passwords and activate two factor authentication are available.
  9. If you want to remove your data from the BestInvoicing systems, please contact
  10. Your data entered in BestInvoicing can be transported in one or more of the following formats: csv, pdf, xml and zip.
  11. By activating links with other software applications, data may be shared under these links. Specific information about this can be found in the settings under the GDPR section.

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