Terms and Conditions

Clear Arrangements

Terms and Conditions

These conditions form an integral part of the agreement, to the exclusion of the customer's own conditions. It can only be deviated from in writing.

  1. The services are provided as described on the invoice. The buyer is aware of all functionalities of the service when ordering and orders the software in the condition it is, including any defects.
  2. The goods or services are delivered during the term as stated on the invoice, taking into account the usual tolerance specific to the nature of the industry or trade. Any delay in delivery cannot give rise to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.
  3. The buyer does not have the right to cancel the purchase.
  4. Our services are payable in cash within 14 days of the invoice date. In the event of full or partial non-payment of the invoice 30 days after the invoice date, the invoice amount will be increased by operation of law and without notice of default by 12% interest per year and a damage clause of 10% with a minimum of 40 euros, and any other outstanding invoices will be immediately due and payable. In case of non-payment of the invoice 30 days after the invoice date, Infinwebs reserves the right to interrupt the services without reimbursement or compensation to the customer.
  5. The delivered software remains the property of Infinwebs. Payment is only made for the use of the software during the period indicated on the invoice.
  6. If the buyer does not fulfill the contractual obligations, we reserve the right, after notice of default, to either suspend our obligations or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, if no or no useful action is taken on the notice of default within 8 working days, without prejudice to the right to compensation.
  7. Our agreements are always entered into under the resolutive condition of the customer's bankruptcy. In case of apparent incapacity or force majeure, we reserve the right to dissolve the agreement unilaterally and without the need for prior notice.
  8. All our agreements are governed by Belgian law.
  9. Infinwebs reserves the right to take the software temporarily offline for, for example, important updates or technical problems. A minimum uptime of 99.95% is aimed for, but this is not binding.
  10. Infinwebs reserves the right to make changes to the software at any time without prior notice. The buyer agrees that the software used will evolve.
  11. Infinwebs is not responsible for incorrectly formatted documents with the software. The buyer is always responsible for documents drawn up and sent.
  12. When ordering, the buyer agrees to receive the invoices by e-mail at the e-mail address with which the software account was created.

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