Send invoices easily

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Send invoices via e-mail

Your invoices and documents can be sent to the customer directly from the BestInvoicing program. Via a follow-up notification you can immediately see whether the invoice has arrived and when the e-mail has been read. For example, in the event of a failed price quote transmission due to an incorrectly entered email address, you can immediately resend the quote correctly so that no customer ever misses an offer.

Sending invoices by post

You can send invoices by post directly from the program without having to print them, stamp them or go to the post office. The price of printing your document, putting it in an envelope and sending it by regular mail depends on country and number of pages (for prices, contact us). You can of course still easily print a PDF yourself and send it by regular mail. With the manual follow-up buttons you can easily keep an eye on which documents have been sent and which have not.

Sending invoices via PEPPOL

As an alternative to the traditional e-mail, you can also send e-invoices over the European PEPPOL network. Invoices sent and received via PEPPOL have the advantage that they can be processed automatically.

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