Customer Base and CRM

Customer Management Made Easy

Transparent Customer Data

Managing customer files in BestInvoicing is super easy. You can quickly find your customers and view all relevant information about them. Store as little or as much information as you like. Need specific information fields? You'll be able to create designated fields for each and every customer.

Put Your Data to Work

When preparing a proposal or invoice, you can easily look up a customer file and reuse the customer data. The address details, email address and VAT number will automatically be completed. No additional manual input required: prepare your documents even faster. It's no obligation to create a user file for just a one-time customer. An alternative site address or delivery address is entered just once and can be saved as part of the customer file for future use.

Search by VAT Number

In order to be able to create customer files even faster, BestInvoicing is connected to the European VIES VAT number verification tool. Simply enter the VAT number of a company and BestInvoicing completes company name and address details!

Import or Export Customer Data

Do you already have a customer base from an existing program? Simply import it into BestInvoicing. This way you don't have to transfer everything manually. Export your existing customer data from BestInvoicing to send them an email campaign via MailChimp, for example? That's done with just one click, in BestInvoicing.

Foreign-Speaking Customers

BestInvoicing allows you to create invoices (and other documents) in different languages. Select the desired customer language in the customer file or when creating a document, and the layout of the document will automatically be translated into the desired language. The default available languages in BestInvoicing are Dutch, French, German and English. In need of another language? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Connected Data

BestInvoicing allows you to link a great variety of information to your customer files, by e.g. providing the possibility to upload attachments to you customer files. Save an alternative delivery address, or match a proposal to a (construction) site address. These addresses are easily displayed on your documents. 

Do you work with different prices for wholesale, individual customers or a specific group of clients? Match your customer to the right price segment and automatically see the appropriate price for your product and specific customer. 

Keeping an eye on your proposals or to-do's becomes convenient by using tasks that are connected to your customers. BestInvoicing also offers a connection to Mailchimp. It's easy to synchronize your customer list with this programme in order to set up (automated) email campaigns. 

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