Send Invoices via the PEPPOL Network

Send and Receive E-invoices Efficiently

Sending and Receiving E-invoices via the PEPPOL Network

The PEPPOL network is an alternative method to regular email for sending and receiving invoices electronically, set up by the European Union. Full electronic invoices (e-invoices) are sent over this network, for them to be processed semi-automatically by the recipient. Invoices received via PEPPOL can be processed in BestInvoicing with just one click, without manually entering document data. Simply activate a PEPPOL business address on this network via BestInvoicing, to start receiving e-invoices.

* Sending and receiving via PEPPOL is included up to 100 documents per month. Need more capacity? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Sending and Receiving E-invoices via the PEPPOL Network

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