Purchase Management

Process your Purchase Invoices in BestInvoicing

Purchase Management

BestInvoicing is not only invoicing software to create sales invoices, but also to process purchase invoices. When you activate the free module 'purchase management' in your account, you can also upload and process your purchase invoices. Gain insight into your total expenditure per period or per purchase category. The payment follow-up ensures a good relationship with your supplier and the reporting allows you to closely monitor your budget and invest smarter.

The purchase management module can also process e-invoices. As a result, you simply have to select the e-invoice as an attachment and all information from this invoice will automatically be entered correctly. Save time and eliminate errors!


When you also record your purchase invoices in BestInvoicing, it's possible to consult not only reports covering the revenue of your company, but also the profit (revenue minus costs). This allows you to monitor just how much your company actually earns in real time.

Link with accounting

We also convert your uploaded and processed purchase invoices to the UBL format (Universal Business Language). You can export this format for electronic invoices from BestInvoicing or send it to your accountant via a direct link from our program. This way, your accountant can automatically process the document data already entered and you drastically decrease manual data entry work.

Email and PEPPOL inbox

BestInvoicing has an inbox function with which you can easily receive purchase invoices. Each inbox has its unique email address to which you can send or forward emails. The purchase invoices attached to these emails can then be easily processed further, in the program. Paper documents can be emailed directly from your scanner to this inbox email address. Or simply take a picture and upload via your smartphone!

Via this inbox you can also receive invoices through the PEPPOL network. This allows your suppliers to send electronic invoices directly from their billing software to your BestInvoicing account. Because these are genuine e-invoices, you no longer have to retype anything. BestInvoicing automatically extracts all invoice information 100% correctly from the received document.

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