What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is network, organised by the European Union, for the exchange of e-invoices (electronic invoices). BestInvoicing automatically transforms your invoice into an e-invoice that can be sent via the PEPPOL network.

What are the advantages of integrating with PEPPOL?

Sending and receiving e-invoices simplifies the processing of these documents. An e-invoice can easily be converted for processing by invoicing software tool. More often, governmental bodies require invoices to be sent to them using PEPPOL: with BestInvoicing, this happens effortless.

How does the integration with PEPPOL work?

Registration to the PEPPOL network is free and is based on your company registration or VAT number. Your invoice is automatically transformed to the format for e-invoicing and is sent to the network with just one click. You can also receive invoices via PEPPOL: these are automatically imported and processed in BestInvoicing.