What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is online software for email marketing. Synchronize your customer list from BestInvoicing to a list in MailChimp; it allows you to send email campaigns from MailChimp to your current customer base.

What are the advantages of integrating with MailChimp?

Use a MailChimp digital newsletter to keep your customers up to date with your offers, news, promotions, ... Your customer list is always updated and complemented with new customers from BestInvoicing. 

How does the integration with MailChimp work?

Your customer base can be forwarded to MailChimp from BestInvoicing. You can even create multiple lists in case you also use MailChimp outside of BestInvoicing. Every new customer created in BestInvoicing, will be transmitted to your customer list in MailChimp.