Export and import UBL.BE

Universal invoice files

Export and import invoices in UBL.BE and E-FFF format

UBL.BE and its predecessor E-FFF.BE are universal invoice files. These invoice files can be imported into almost any accounting package. These files with the file extension '.xml' contain all invoice data in a digitally readable format as well as the original PDF file. Because the data is fully readable, the accounting software does not have to make any recognitions and all data can be read 100% accurately. No more manual input is required when these UBL files are imported into the accounting software.

In BestInvoicing, all invoices and credit notes, for both purchases and sales, can be exported to both formats. For example, invoices created with BestInvoicing can be easily imported into your accounting software.

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Use your own trusted accounting package but minimize manual input by collaborating with your customer via BestInvoicing. His invoices created with BestInvoicing are easy to transfer to almost any accounting package.