Synchronization with own server via SFTP

Synchronize invoices with your own server via SFTP

Synchronize documents with your own server via SFTP

BestInvoicing can automatically place documents created in the files to which you have access on your server. File exchange is done via allowing BestInvoicing to make a secure connection with a specific folder on your server. BestInvoicing places all documents in this folder per file in PDF, but also in UBL or E-FFF format. UBL files can be read in almost all accounting programs for further processing.

SFTP can not only be used to make a connection with your own server, but also, for example, with classic web hosting packages that you can rent from many web hosting companies. So you don't have to install any hardware or software yourself and you can start immediately. Here you just have to be careful to sync the files in a private folder. for accountants is the perfect tool to digitize the document exchange with your customers!

Use your own trusted accounting package but minimize manual input by collaborating with your customer via BestInvoicing. His invoices created with BestInvoicing are easy to transfer to almost any accounting package.