Synchronization with Dropbox


Sync documents with Dropbox

Your bookkeeper account in BestInvoicing can be linked to your Dropbox account. BestInvoicing automatically syncs all documents from all files you have access to with your Dropbox in the folder "BestInvoicing" under "Apps". The files are synchronized in PDF format as well as in UBL or E-FFF format, making it easy to exchange UBL files with your customers. These UBL files can be imported into almost any accounting package for further processing.

When you also install the Dropbox application on your computer, Dropbox synchronizes a local folder on your computer with the online files, so that the UBL files are actually synchronized directly on your computer. This means you no longer even have to download the documents online via Dropbox, but they are immediately on your computer. for accountants is the perfect tool to digitize the document exchange with your customers!

Use your own trusted accounting package but minimize manual input by collaborating with your customer via BestInvoicing. His invoices created with BestInvoicing are easy to transfer to almost any accounting package.