Exact Online

Import BestInvoicing invoices into Exact Online

Import BestInvoicing invoices into Exact online

Exact online is a program in the cloud, which ensures that there are various options for transferring invoices to accounting.

Direct link (BestInvoicing → Exact online)

BestInvoicing has a direct link with Exact Online: a file in BestInvoicing can be linked to a file in Exact Online. Purchase and sales invoices can be forwarded from BestInvoicing. The sales invoices are immediately created as entries so that they only need to be approved. This is one of the most efficient links available in BestInvoicing.

It is also possible to link products to general ledger accounts. When a product is used in an invoice, the invoice line is linked to the general ledger account and passed on to ExactOnline. For example, you can automatically enter invoices into various general ledger accounts.

BestInvoicing.com is the perfect tool to facilitate document exchange with your clients!

Use your own trusted accounting software but minimize manual input by cooperating with your clients via BestInvoicing. Invoices created with BestInvoicing are easily transferable to almost any accounting software.

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